Razor beauty campaign by Philips offers “mustache” diamond as a prize

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Philips Japan is having a really strange promotional campaign right now — they’re offering one lucky male user of a Philips shaving system a 0.3-carat diamond made out of his own mustache. Here’s how the campaign works:

1. Go to the campaign’s Mustache Beauty Queen web site and choose your favorite out of the 20 candidates for Mustache-Shaving Queen. When your mouse rolls over each girl, you can see her shaving her mustache. Yes, it’s sexy and fun! You should check out the site even if you’re not planning to enter.

2. Vote on one beauty queen you like by sending a postcard to the campaign address.

3. Once all votes are in, a queen is chosen. From those who voted for that queen, one lucky person will win the Mustache Diamond.

4. Philips reps will go to the winner’s house and take videos of the person shaving off his (or her) mustache. They’ll then use the carbon from the stubble to create an artificial diamond and present it to the winner in a special ceremony.

You can vote until Jan 11, 2010.

Campaign main page (Japanese, via Impress Watch)

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