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Have you guys seen the new Boing Boing? On Tuesday, the award-winning blog got a makeover and had a relaunch. I’m now one of their regular feature writers, which means you can read a lot of my work there now. This week, I wrote about a seasonal fruit called the Red Kuri Squash and told the romantic tale of a man in New Zealand who found a long-lost wedding ring in the ocean. Other writers include BG’s Rob Beschizza, science journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker, BOffworld’s Brandon Boyer, and, of course, the four legendary original Boingers &mdash Xeni, Mark, David, and Cory.

If you’re not a Boing Boing reader already, come visit often!

One thought on “Visit me at Boing Boing!

  1. that is great, sugoi, des! but you gotta/oughta keep tokyomango going, of course you will! I read that NZ found ring story and teared up a bit(bleh, teary guy) shoulda known it was yours (romantic you girl)but I only clued in you wrote it reading here on TM, my site for japanese fun and boingboing fun with your ‘unique’ POV. squash is a thanksgiving ‘thing’ here but asian culture worship melon, and quality in general, Phaedrus rocks!