Lyrics Born to perform at fundraiser for lovely Japanese elderly facility

I often drive by Kimochi, a home for Japanese and Japanese-American elderlies, in San Francisco and think that I would like to live there one day if I’m old and alone. I bet they serve miso soup and rice for breakfast, and watch Japanese TV. That would be a nice comforting space to return to after years of living in the US eating bagels and watching HBO. Kimochi has actually been around since 1971, providing care and services Japanese-style, but they just got a devastating $100K budget cut this summer.

To help out, Bay area rappers of Japanese ancestry are getting together at a fundraiser on October 17th to give a kick-ass performance that will benefit Kimochi. Ok, I have to admit that I have been a fan of Lyrics Born’s music for a little while now, but I had no idea he’s Japanese.

Did you know his real name is Tom Shimura, and that he was born and raised in Tokyo? Apparently he started his career in hip hop at the college radio station at UC Davis. Music video above just hints at how awesome his music is.

Tix are $75 but if you feel inclined to help out a worthy and important cause + attend an awesome hip hop concert… this is going to be well worth your time.

Buy tickets & get more info here.

One thought on “Lyrics Born to perform at fundraiser for lovely Japanese elderly facility

  1. Hey Lisa.
    We have something like that in Toronto as well. It is called the Momiji. I have a couple of family members living there right now. Over the summer the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited the Momiji while they were in Canada. It was such a trip to hear my aunties talking about them.