Ad features Tommy Lee Jones as a coffee-drinking alien

My friend Erin Biba clued me into this funny commercial for Boss coffee featuring Tommy Lee Jones. I remember when he was on giant billboard ads for Boss, but I don’t know if I ever saw this one. In it, TLJ is an alien from outer space who has come to investigate the earth. He’s working with a team of cops who outrun him, but ultimately he flies a set of stairs and tackles the bad guy. The commercial ends with the cops saying, “He’s not the bad guy. It’s the world that created him that’s at fault.”

American celebrities show up in Japanese ad campaigns a lot. Most of the recent ones, like Brad Pitt for Softbank, have been removed from YouTube because of copyright shit, but you can see a lot of the old ones (Michael Jackson! The Simpsons! Mariah Carey!) on Japander.

3 thoughts on “Ad features Tommy Lee Jones as a coffee-drinking alien

  1. I cannot begin to understand why Softbank would want their advertisement pulled from Youtube. Am I missing something? I mean it could be something in Pitt’s contract that demanded the ad not be seen outside of Japan, but other than that, I don’t know.
    I saw TLJ on a billboard about six months ago. Just his face and the Boss logo. I was on the freeway NW of Kita-Senju eki.
    Anyways, those ubiquitous vending machines filled with coffee are the greatest thing ever! Hot, or cold it’s your call. Delicious Magic!