Video of Friday’s bus terminal bear attack

People taking a break at a bus terminal not too far from Tokyo were stunned on Friday by a sudden bear attack that left 4 people seriously injured. The black bear was preparing for hibernation and out looking for food. He was shot dead after he ran into the terminal building. Here’s a low-res video of him taken by a tourist of the bear mauling one of his victims.

2 thoughts on “Video of Friday’s bus terminal bear attack

  1. “not too far from Tokyo”?
    Come on, that’s way up in the interior from what I can tell on the little map they show overlayed on the news report. Care to take a look and tell us exactly where it was, lest you spread misinformation about the existence of bears in the most paved-over part of the world? 😉

  2. I don’t think it’s technically misinformation, since as the crow flies it’s maybe 150 miles, certainly no more than 200 miles. But, to drive there or take a train from Tokyo would take all day, as the nearest highway interchange is quite far, as is the nearest train station.
    That is a rest stop on the Norikura Skyline Road, the highest road in Japan, between Gifu and Nagano prefectures. I think the bus terminal in the news was in Nyukawa town, Gifu.