The post office’s apology letter and stamp book


Some of you may remember the story I told back in February about how my passport got lost in the mail in Tokyo and I missed my flight back to San Francisco. Afterward, my dad and I filed a claim with the post office. Missing my flight had cost me about $500 and a lot of stress, and since the whole reason I couldn’t get on the flight was because the postal employees couldn’t find my package (which was sitting right on their shelf the whole time), could they reimburse me? We kind of knew the answer would be no, but figured it couldn’t hurt to try — at the very least, we would make things a little bit better for future customers by making sure this doesn’t happen again to anyone else.

In response to our claim phone call, the post office sent us the above letter a couple of weeks later. We wrote them back refuting many of their reasons and telling them that more than anything we were disappointed in their services and had lost faith in a system that we had once trusted. A few weeks after that, two postal service employees showed up at my dad’s office. One was the branch manager, the other was just some dude. They had come to apologize and, while they couldn’t offer monetary compensation for our losses, they brought us a nicely bound book of collectors’ item stamps. When my dad called to tell me that, I just laughed. As with most adverse situations, I had gone through the pain of it once, let it soak in, and then moved on. No point continuing the fight. The book of stamps was a peace offering, and we accepted.


6 thoughts on “The post office’s apology letter and stamp book

  1. Th PO here in Oz is a typical govt. monolith that year in year out makes huge profits, they are efficient and have some great services, but nothing like the service in Japan. Getting an apology out of them would be akin to the Tax Dept asking me for advice. Never going to happen.
    Enjoy your stamps Lisa 🙂

  2. Hey at least they offered an official apology letter, an apology from a live person, and a nice gesture… I remember a few years back a friend of mine ordered a nintendo game from ebay, and by the time she received it in the mail it came in a US Postal plastic bag with the content completely shattered, apparently ran over by a vehicle. Apology what? She didn’t purchase postal insurance and it was ran over by a postal vehicle and she got the remains of her package, lesson learned. 🙂

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