Sekai camera AR iPhone app makes high-fashion debut

Sekai Camera, the augmented reality iPhone app that tags and overlays information about products and places, debuted in Tokyo today at a press event held at the Spanish luxury designer Loewe. Here’s a video showing how it works — basically, when your camera scans a certain tagged item, it shows up on the screen along with a description, pricing, etc. Video by Nobi Hayashi.

(Thanks, Nobi and Hitoshi!)

One thought on “Sekai camera AR iPhone app makes high-fashion debut

  1. Wow, cool.
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 2009 anime “Eden of the East” involved a similar phone program that read video and overlayed user-submitted information over it.
    The app had unexpected social effects like turning NEETs into entrepreneurs, since they could point the program at a pile of unwanted stuff and find valuable items in that junk. (Indeed, one of the themes of the series was finding value in unwanted objects & people)
    You can see it in the first few minutes here: