I Love Me, a film about famous OCD artist Yayoi Kusama

I just came back from watching a documentary about celebrated avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama. I have always been fascinated with this woman — she’s 80 years old, but ever since she was a teenager she has been unapologetically paranoid and OCD and has driven all her obsessions into her artwork, which largely consists of dots and lines and eyeballs. The documentary follows her through the process of making a series of 50 giant black-and-white permanent marker drawings for a traveling exhibition; the film starts off a bit slow with some pretty shoddy footage but improves later as it dives into some interesting detail about a childhood full of manipulation and depression, and her middle years as an active, radical member of the NY art community. There’s a lot of great footage of her actually drawing, which is fascinating to watch, and it becomes evident through her frequent self-praise that she’s really into herself. I wouldn’t call her egocentric, exactly. It’s almost as if she isn’t able to see outside of herself and her obsessions; it’s not a choice, it’s a condition she lives with, and copes with through her art, which is indeed brilliant and original.

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