Honda’s U3-X is the Segway of the future

Honda unveiled the U3-X, a Segway-like amusement vehicle that moves to one direction or another based on a lean. This one, though, has you in a seated position and is more like a unicycle.


4 thoughts on “Honda’s U3-X is the Segway of the future

  1. I love how it moves. Seems almost like you’re balanced on a sphere, and not rolling on tires.
    This looks like something that would be great if you had something like a foot injury or knee trouble and still wanted to get around. Barring collisions, of course.

  2. That is neat. I saw a similar one at Interbike, but this is better.
    Speaking of Segway, BestBuy in SF says that they will quit selling it at their store.

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