Hatoyama’s wife flies in UFOs, meets Tom Cruise, chomps on the sun

Picture 1Ladies and gents, meet the soon-to-be first couple of Japanese politics, Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Hatoyama. Miyuki, the wife, is quite an interesting character &mdash she used to be a Takarazuka actor, is an excellent cook, and authored a book called Very Strange Things I’ve Encountered. In it, she writes about a journey she took on a UFO:

While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus. It was a very beautiful place and it was really green.

Another one of the very strange things she claims to have encountered is actor Tom Cruise. Apparently, Cruise used to be Japanese in his past life, and that’s why they met. Who knew?

Mrs. Hatoyama also admittedly likes to chomp on the sun for energy. MSNBC reports:

“I also eat the sun,” Hatoyama said on the program, looking up with her eyes closed, raising her arms high as if she was tearing pieces off an imaginary sun. “Like this, hum, hum, hum. It gives me enormous energy.”

Interesting lady!

4 thoughts on “Hatoyama’s wife flies in UFOs, meets Tom Cruise, chomps on the sun

  1. This is a good example why politicians are not the smartest people around. They just think they are, because they have an egoistic inner itch to teach other people how to live to their own idealistic ideals.
    She is so rectangular and selfish by eating the sun. Others need that innocent star to feel good.
    Maybe she thinks that she was Godzilla in her former life, which is also selfish, because the other life is an excuse to mess around with a hope to correct it later in the other life. Maybe she even promises to pay her debts in the other life too.
    It will become very hard to trust in her husbands judgment if she continues to talk to the voices in her head.