Bamboo dining set teaches kids table manners


I love this dining set for kids made by Funfam. Everything’s made of bamboo and is reusable (huge amounts of wooden chopsticks are used and thrown away every day in Japan), but not only that, the embedded cutlery design automatically teaches your kids how to set a table! It’s one less thing you have to teach them &mdash not to mention that it’s just an extremely cute design. The only caveat: it costs $200.

Product page via Designboom

2 thoughts on “Bamboo dining set teaches kids table manners

  1. Konnichiwa! I like your site!!! You have lots of good content in it. Sry ’bout da lil’ Japanese there. I need to practice ;-). Keep up the good work.

  2. For a while I thought that meat-and-bone symbol was a wrapped candy… I kept thinking, how come the dessert utensils are the biggest??