The politics of eating whale meat

Nakamura_august31_whale_postThere’s a good story in The Atlantic about a guy who accidentally ate whale meat in Yurakucho, and the politics of whale meat consumption:

“Is that corned beef?” I asked, dumbfounded because the Japanese are not known for eating the deli-sandwich staple. There was even a dab of Dijon mustard on the plate.

“Try it and guess,” replied my coworker Shigeo Asanuma, who goes by the nickname Shiggy.

So I did. The meat was salty and chewy, though a bit tougher than corned beef. There was also a strip of white fat clinging to it. I stuck to my guns–had to be beef.

“Whale,” Shiggy said.

Say what?!

“I hope you’re not a member of Greenpeace.”


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