Video: Government’s ominous meth warning

This short video clip made by the Japanese government aired on TV shortly after the recent drug arrest of actress Noriko Sakai. In it, a “bad” man peer pressures his girlfriend to try meth. She ends up folding to the pressure, then suffers choking coughs, addiction, and hallucinations. Is it just me or do these “drugs are horrible!” videos seem propaganda-ish? This is not only in Japan, btw &mdash I think the American PSAs about smoking, etc are just as bad.

(Thanks, Dave!)

6 thoughts on “Video: Government’s ominous meth warning

  1. Educating the public is a good start. The Gov. should also show what effect Meth has on a person when they are on meth. Person appearance, teeth, hair, facial expression change dramatically.
    Of course people will try meth. The Gov. should move aggressively if they want to stop the spread of use of meth. Good Luck.

  2. While I think that weed should be legal (even though I don’t smoke it myself), and I think the PSAs for it go overboard, I think this meth one actually doesn’t go far enough.
    Coming from a state with one of the biggest meth problems in the country, trust me. It’s actually worse than that video shows.
    They need the ones Oklahoma has showing people missing all their teeth who look like they’re 60 but they’re really 25 telling stories about stealing their mom’s TV.
    It’s like crack, but worse. At least that comes from a plant. Meth is cooked out of cleaning products in someone’s basement.
    That, or like most meth non-producers can get a hold of, its been cooked back out of another junkie’s urine, because the body only metabolizes about a quarter of it.

  3. I’m in favor of harm reduction policies like needle exchange and education, not fear tactics. But when it comes to a drug like meth, I kind of go soft on the government’s usual scare tactic messages–because when some people use meth its so easy for the use to get just plain old evil–addiction, depression, violence. I know some people use meth as a recreational drug and walk away unscathed. But in my experience (and I’ve met a LOT of responsible and irresponsible drug users) that person is rare.

  4. This is actually some of the really mild effects of meth. No one ever really talks about hallucinations caused by meth in the US, and that is one thing that would definitely turn people off.
    I think the weed PSAs are pretty stupid, but then again weed is pretty harmless.
    I think they should start showing some of the more common consequences of using meth, like prostitution, disease and overdose. I think if they made a PSA that showed some teenager standing on a streetcorner for meth, the rate of trying it could go down. Much more so than the “it killed my brother” ones, which really only work on relatives and friends.

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