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Geisha 1

At Boing Boing Gadgets today, I wrote a feature about my visit to Geisha Tokyo Entertainment, the quirky start-up that created Augmented Reality Figure Aris:

Aris folds her tiny hands across her aproned lap and smiles. “If you need me, please poke me to get my attention!” she says in a peppy, high-pitched voice. “Just don’t poke me in a weird place! “

As if to deliberately defy her request, Taisei Tanaka, who is sitting next to me in a soccer jersey and jeans, lifts up Aris’ poofy skirt with a stick, revealing the ends of her black thigh-high socks and a glimpse of her blue panties. Aris screams at the top of her lungs. “Please stop! This kind of thing is not good!”

Tanaka has every right to lift up Aris’ skirt. He is her creator, after all. Besides, Aris is not a real person; she doesn’t even really exist. She is an optical illusion, a three-dimensional projection of a brown-haired girl in a maid outfit who lives inside of a cube that looks like an oversized die. The cube has QR codes pasted on each of its sides that uses image recognition, motion-tracking, and other computer-generated data to project images into space when recorded with a webcam.

Read it here.

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