Nori-P arrested for drug possession

NorikosakaiFor those of you who have been following celebrity news in Japan, the biggest fiasco this week was the disappearance of actress Noriko Sakai, aka Nori-P, whose surfer dude husband had been arrested last Sunday for possession of drugs. Not sure exactly what kind. Sakai, aka Nori-P, is now 38 has been popular in Japan and all over Asia for two decades. After this drug accusation Toyota pulled ads featuring the actress off of their web site. The actress turned herself in yesterday after leaving her 10-year old son with a friend.

It’s always a huge media frenzy when a Japanese celebrity is caught with recreational drugs. I don’t think it should be &mdash there are bigger things the country can and should be worried about.

2 thoughts on “Nori-P arrested for drug possession

  1. While I’ve watched it on the news a bit all they say is that she had stimulants. That is a really huge category.
    Have you been able to decipher what drug she was caught with out of the circus known as the news?