A guide to Japanese beaches (from three years ago)

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The first magazine cover story I ever wrote was this Tokyo area beach guide for Metropolis in June 2006. I only mention this now because those of you who are reading TokyoMango in Tokyo are probably dying from heat right about now, and this may help you find a quick escape in the ocean somewhere nearby.

Four hundred years ago, a ship from Mexico wandered onto the shores of this Boso Peninsula town, and the local fishermen’s wives helped them out. Today, two kilometers of soft, white sand welcome visitors to this sister city of Acapulco for hot sun and easy surfing. The atmosphere is so pleasant in Onjuku that it inspired one man to write a famous children’s song, “Moon Desert.” There are fireworks and beach volleyball in August, and high-quality lobster dinners in September.

Life’s a Beach (Metropolis)

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