Railway company to require employees to pass a smile test

The Telegraph reports that workers on the Keihin Electric Express Railway will soon be required to monitor their smiles using a smile scan software made by Omron. Basically, the company wants all their employees to look cheery on the job, so it’s going to take photos of them, rate their smile on a scale of zero to 100, and then show messages of encouragement on the company computer screen so they are reminded of what they should be doing better.

I know this might sound horrific to some people, but I think it’s okay. Japan is big on customer satisfaction, and if a simple added gesture can make customers feel better about a company’s service, then it’s probably worth it. (A cab company called MK Taxi provides super-polite white-gloved drivers that open doors for you &mdash and I always feel like I’ve lucked out when I hail one.)

Also, smiling is something that the Japanese have been working on for awhile now, and there are even gadgets to help with it, like the oral grip machine and the Beauty Smile Trainer.

Link (Thanks, @Brainopera!)

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