Pyramid-shaped watermelon for sale for $500

20090718p2a00m0na016000p_size5If you’re hungry for watermelon and very very rich, you might consider buying this pyramid-shaped watermelon, grown by a farmer in Hokkaido, for 52,500 yen. That’s just over $500. The farmer attained this shape by putting the watermelon in a pyramid-shaped plastic casing and hanging it upside down. There are sixteen of them for sale now.


2 thoughts on “Pyramid-shaped watermelon for sale for $500

  1. That reminds me! I totally forgot last month when I went to either Marui One or some other department store across the street from it, there’s a big supermarket in the basement that was selling stuff like a two-pack of cantaloupes for $250. I took pictures of it, still need to post them somewhere. There didn’t even seem to be anything special about any of this fruit they had, maybe certain things taken for granted in the west are just super-rare there.