Learn to speak English with Barack Obama’s speeches

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My mom tells me that one of the most popular English-language learning books on the market right now is this “Speeches of Barack Obama” booklet set, which includes a page-by-page translation of Obama’s iconic speeches throughout the years &mdash his keynote at the Democratic National Congress in 2004, his battles at the primaries, and his acceptance speech among them. The booklet also includes a CD of the actual speeches by the president. At 1000 yen ($10), it’s way cheaper than enrolling in an English lesson taught by amateurs at Gaba, and who better to learn how to speak English than the president in all his motivational oratory glory! Also worth noting that the publisher, Asahi Press, didn’t have to pay anybody for the rights to his speeches nor to write original content, so this is just a huge profit-making venture.

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