Hamura Saimin, the best noodle place on Kauai


I just got back from Kauai, and ate twice at this restaurant, Hamura Saimin. It was started by an enterprising Japanese wife and husband, and I think it’s now run by their daughter. They make saimin, a Hawaiian version of ramen with spam, cabbage, eggs, dumplings, etc. I love how Hawaiian food is a delicious assimilation of the best parts of different cuisine. And yes, I think Spam is delicious, you just can’t think about what’s in it.

5 thoughts on “Hamura Saimin, the best noodle place on Kauai

  1. Ah, I’ve been there! Unfortunately its not really a great place for someone who eats fish but not meat. Still, I enjoyed eating there.

  2. How can you mention Hamura and not talk about their lilikoi chiffon pie? The saimin and pie are both good enough that we caught a cab and went there when we had a layover on Kauai a few months ago.