Cool new concept for bicycle pit stops


Check out this ingenious concept for bicycle pit stop areas by Tokyo’s Store Muu Design Studio. Basically, anybody riding a bike could just ride straight into one of these tables, which locks the front wheel and provides them with an instant table to rest or snack on. The cyclist can stay on his/her seat and just have a regular seated meal. Japan has tons of bicycles, and parking them has become harder and harder as the crackdown on randomly parked bicycles continues. So this is a great solution for those who need to stop for a bite but don’t want to get their bikes confiscated. I can totally see a fast food chain or restaurant wanting to install these, but I can also see it causing huge clusterfucks on sidewalks and promptly being banned.

via Shibuya246

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3 thoughts on “Cool new concept for bicycle pit stops

  1. Well, they could have them slanted and staggered (like the diagonal parking spots for cars) to occupy less of the sidewalk space, width-wise.