British girls imitate ganguro gyaru trend


According to the BBC, there’s a new subset of British youth that thrives to be just like the Japanese ganguro &mdash you know, the girls with the bleached blond hair, super tanned skin, and crazy makeup. I read somewhere that for Japanese women, making themselves up this way is a deliberate form of rebellion against the traditional aesthetic of jet black hair and pale white skin. I wonder what it means when Caucasian girls with naturally lighter hair pick up the trend.

6 thoughts on “British girls imitate ganguro gyaru trend

  1. Unless they are just cosplaying, I would say it means they have no taste.
    And the blotchy makeup isn’t helping.
    Mind you, I feel much the same way about real gyaru.

  2. Just like the girls in San Diego. Although, I’m not sure they San Diegans are attempting to look strange.

  3. This is awesome! We used to have a Rastafarian/Japanese Tempura joint in my area that had a 100% Ganguro waitress staff, and I totally loved the reverse raccoon look as it is so awesome & absurd. Seeing it mutate into Britain is fabulous (and kind of creepy in a blackface way).

  4. :O I’ve never seen this before, I’m going to assume it’s in London! In my experience you can’t really dress up in public here without being ridiculed!

  5. Wow, British girls imitating Japanese girls imitating American girls… Perhaps a new subset of ganguro will arise imitating the imitators and they can appear so garish they’ll make drag queens blush (only really blush, not just make-up blush).