Uniqlo might buy the GAP

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One of my all-time favorite stores in Japan is Uniqlo &mdash it’s like the GAP, except the styles and cuts are a lot more contemporary and its cheaper. Now we’re hearing that Tadashi Yanai, the guy who founded UNIQLO and the richest guy in Japan according to Forbes, might be buying the GAP.


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5 thoughts on “Uniqlo might buy the GAP

  1. There’s something humorously “everything old is newa again”/bubble years about the idea of the GAP being bought by UNIQLO.

  2. I certainly hope Uniqlo buys GAP. GAP’s fashion design has been uninspired and dull for ages. A design takeover from Uniqlo would do wonders for a brand that should have been retired a decade ago.
    Uniqlo, Banana Republic, and Old Navy would look great together!