Sexpert book teaches men how to find the new G-spot

Picture 1Adam Tokunaga looks like an ordinary ojisan (old man), but apparently he’s Japan’s #1 sexpert. And his book, called Slow Sex Secrets, is now available in English. I didn’t read the whole thing because the thought of an ojisan teaching me about sex was a little bit… um… interesting. But I did find it highly entertaining and interesting that Tokunaga claims to have found several additional erogenous zones in the female body. They’re located kinda near the G-spot, he explains through diagrams and text, and he has called them the T-spot, the A-spot and the Adam G-spot. He writes:

The T in T-spot stands for Tokunaga. I named it this just the way the G-spot is named after the scientist who found it…It is not easy to compare the level of pleasure derived from the T-spot and the G-spot, but there are women who say the T-spot feels better. One woman described the pleasure as a “bolt of lightning shooting from my cervix right into my brain.” In other words, this is a hand technique that can literally blow your partner’s mind.

To learn more about the hand technique, I guess you’ll have to buy the book.

Slow Sex Secrets: Lessons from the Master Masseur by Adam Tokunaga

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