Sayonara Mr. Fatty, a magical dieting book for otaku

Sayonara mr fattyToshio Okada is best known for founding Gainax, the famous animation company that created Neon Genesis Evangelion, but did you know he is also the author of a revolutionary dieting book for otaku? Sayonara, Mr. Fatty!: A Geek’s Diet Memoir was a huge hit in Japan &mdash a friend told me a couple years ago about how he lost 15 kilos just by reading a book. I bought the Japanese version of the book, but never read it. Now, it’s available in English.

Okada used a simple technique to lose weight. An excerpt from the prologue:

I didn’t to anything special, or use any special technique. I didn’t spend extra money. I didn’t suffer. I didn’t limit myself to particular foods. I didn’t fast. I didn’t have liposuction. I didn’t go to a gym. I didn’t take any special supplements. I didn’t buy a fitness machine or a sweat suit. I never visited a health spa or a weight-loss clinic. I didn’t eat any diet food.

What he did do, it turns out, had less to do with changing his behavior and more to do with using his otaku-ness to his healthy advantage. A must-read if you’re a geek who wants to lose weight, or if you know one, or if you just want to read some literature by Japan’s “ota-king.”

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