New notebook makes will-writing a breeze with manga


Stationary brand Kokuyo released an interesting new product today &mdash it’s a “Will and Testament” kit that guides you through the writing of your will in a cute notebook with manga characters on it. For just under $25, you get a B5 notebook with detailed instructions on how to write a will, four pages of copy-proof A4 paper for the actual will, a non-resealable securit envelope, draft paper, and a storage sheet. Kokuyo collaborated with (an online lawyer site) to create manga illustrations that explain the legal jargon of will-writing in simple Japanese. Technically, anyone older than 15 can create a will &mdash It’s never too early to start thinking about what you would leave to whom. It’s like how some high schools have senior wills (I can’t remember if I did it, but my mom dug hers up from decades ago once), but a bit more official.

Link (Japanese) Thanks, @matsuu!)

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