New next week: green tea-flavored coke


If you thought shiso-flavored Pepsi was odd, well, now Coca Cola Japan is coming out with green tea-flavored coke. The release date is next Monday. The bottle is beautiful. It has zero calories, and lots of catechin. Healthy coke! (?)

Actually this probably isn’t that bad. I know people that put coke in their tea because they like it.

Press release in Japanese (Thanks, Yushi!)

5 thoughts on “New next week: green tea-flavored coke

  1. This is much better. Color look like Coke taste like tea. Probably won’t buy it but it definitely looks better than Pepsi.

  2. ok, I’ll admit the bottle looks great, BUT…I’ve been a Coke drinker my whole life, and this just seems wrong. It may taste good, but don’t know if I will even try it. Sometimes, ya just don’t mess with a good thing. Leave it the way it is. That’s my opinion anyway.

  3. I remember being really excited when Coca-Cola BlāK was released and then being really disappointed when it wasn’t very tasty. I truly believed that Coke and coffee would go well together. I would give this Coke a try. I’m even tempted to add some coke to some green tea myself seeing as how this product may never make it to North America.

  4. I tried this a few days ago and was surprised that it wasn’t all that bad. The bottle is sexy too. Like that ‘Vitamin C’ Coke i’ll keep buying it because it’s not as sweet and nasty as the original thing.