Lords of the Samurai, a must-see exhibit in San Francisco, opens Friday


San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum has a special Samurai exhibit starting on Friday. It’s the private collection belonging to former prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa, who comes from a famous samurai family that dates back 700 years. Hosokawa is the 26th generation.


I went to the media preview and met Mr. Hosokawa in person, which was cool! I remember when he was prime minister &mdash I was a kid, but I liked him instantly because he kinda looks like my dad. He was one of the only post-war PMs who was not a member of the Liberal Democratic Party. He also happens to be a talented ceramicist, and has some his art work on display, too.


The collection includes 6,000 items from the Hosokawa clan’s possessions, including armor, samurai swords, and costumes from the times of Miyamoto Musashi. In fact, the exhibit includes original artifacts that belonged to Musashi, like his dual-length wooden swords. Amazing.

The museum will also be hosting fun events on Thursday nights starting next week for those of you who want some nightlife mixed in with viewing art. A must-see if you’re in SF between June 12 and September 20.

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4 thoughts on “Lords of the Samurai, a must-see exhibit in San Francisco, opens Friday

  1. Were they allowing photography of the show? I’m coming up to SF next weekend, primarily to see this show. Very excited.