Comics feature morbidly funny suicides by surgeons, fetuses


Morbid-funny series of manga about different kinds of suicides by comic artist Shintaro Kago. Above is a surgeon suicide, and below, fetal suicide.


Daily Manga
(Japanese) via Same Hat

7 thoughts on “Comics feature morbidly funny suicides by surgeons, fetuses

  1. AlexBB, you could see more graphic images in an American movie, race has nothing to do with it.
    That being said, I love this blog but this post seemed a bit inappropriate to me. Not sure why, maybe because I’m 9 months pregnant. While I would agree the images are morbid, I wouldn’t say they are funny.

  2. The physician suicide image is obliquely reminiscent of a bit of a short story by William Gibson, “Hinterlands”. A good story, in which a psychologically shattered astronaut uses her ship’s surgical manipulator to “autopsy” herself into oblivion.
    To weigh in on the distress some are expressing, I myself don’t see what is so shocking about these pictures. They’re a bit odd, yes, but everything new is odd…isn’t it?

  3. Yes Emily, there’s a lot of trash out there. But to say the truth, only in japan this is called “art” and posted in popular blogs, and who knows where it was in the first place.