Video: My talk at Ignite SF

Here’s a very nicely edited video of my 5-minute slideshow presentation at Ignite SF at the Mezzanine (a night club) on April 1st. There was a technical glitch, and you can see me give the slidemaster a dirty look when it starts getting screwy. It was fun though—I am grateful to have had the opportunity to face that kinda situation in front of hundreds of people. Next time I won’t freak out, I promise.

Japanese gadgets and toys at Ignite SF
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5 thoughts on “Video: My talk at Ignite SF

  1. 100% true, especially regarding mobile phones: I specifically bought my Nokia because it was rather underfeatured… The other offerings have layers upon layers of menus and far too many buttons. When it comes to phones: KISS.

  2. Bah! I don’t care how complicated a Japanese cell phone is, I would be totally willing to learn how to use it.