Video: Me and Urawaza on View from the Bay

I hesitated about putting this up on TokyoMango-a LOT-because it’s kinda embarrassing to see myself on TV, but here it is: a clip from my appearance on ABC’s View from the Bay in July 2008. I’m actually also on their new digital network show, Home with Lisa Quinn on Live Well HD, but I haven’t seen that yet. Don’t laugh!

5 thoughts on “Video: Me and Urawaza on View from the Bay

  1. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, you look great on TV! That last part with the glass looked pretty dangerous!
    I always love how TV hosts these days never seem to bother learning how to pronounce the things they’re talking about… when I was on my high school radio station way back when, that was the first thing we learned to do. She says the name of the book like a question not once, but twice.

  2. You should do more TV, you come across as very natural and never patronize the audience. Short Urawaza segments like this one would fit in well with any number of shows.