Two recent fears: swine flu and North Korea

The news in Japan these days has been veering in the direction of scared. For one thing, swine flu has Japanese people canceling trips to Mexico and even California after some people who deplaned a San Francisco-Tokyo flight were diagnosed with swine flu. Pharmacies are selling out of face masks, and everyone is talking about it. My mom called yesterday and asked if the US is struck with the same fear as they are in Tokyo. I told her I don’t know.

Second, North Korea’s back at it again with its nuclear testing and Japan-hating on its news site, brandishing headlines like “KCNA Report on One More Successful Underground Nuclear Test” next to headlines like “Japan Can Never Evade Responsibility for Its Past Crimes against Humanity.”

I wonder which is more likely to happen, a major swine flu outbreak or a North Korean nuclear attack. I’m gonna vote for neither.

One thought on “Two recent fears: swine flu and North Korea

  1. Wow… Well I was recently watching this…

    I doubt Korea can attack, unless they divert all their power to the nulcear research. All I see is them sending waves of people.