TokyoMango in Battle of the Blogs

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I got an otherwise message-less email with this image file attached to it. It appears that TokyoMango has inadvertently been placed in a battlefield against another Japan blog… the thing is, TokyoMango doesn’t battle. She’s a peaceful little blog that likes to just hang out on the couch and occasionally go out for some fun. If TokyoMango were a soldier, she’d be the one cooking dinner for everyone back at the barracks and saying silly things to make everyone feel better at the end of a hard day. So I don’t know if she’ll win this one…

But when someone pits her against another in battle, she’ll never say no. Kinda like how I took my friend Ben on in a taco eat-off on Tuesday even though he’s way bigger than me.

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4 thoughts on “TokyoMango in Battle of the Blogs

  1. Poor little Tokyo Times with such lovely photography. Trounced by the godzilla-like TokyoMango. Hopefully, the contest will drive more clicks to another good site.