Toilet paper has horror story by the author of Ring printed on it

516e4f77-7825-4a8c-b1b9-658929fa76f8-smallAre you the type of person who likes to read while pooping? A new type of Japanese toilet paper has horror stories printed on it, a 9-chapter novella by Koji Suzuki, the author of Ring. The story printed on paper is aptly called Drop, and costs just $2 a roll. Hey, that’s cheaper than buying a paperback! In Japan (and in Harry Potter), we believe that ghosts hide in toilets. So this is super scary, especially because the guy who wrote the Ring is like the country’s horror master. Printed toilet paper, however, is nothing new &mdash we used to have it when we were kids. That’s how I learned kanji.


3 thoughts on “Toilet paper has horror story by the author of Ring printed on it

  1. I could imagine a creative story about a guy reading on toilet paper while in the bathroom, and all of a sudden a ghost grabs him from the toilet and… you could imagine the horrors…

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