Toilet knee pads to prevent pee from splashing


This could be the greatest Japanese invention yet. It’s a knee pillow for guys who like to pee standing up—now they can do it kneeling down so that their pee doesn’t splash all over the place. What a great invention!

Product page (via Gizmodo)

10 thoughts on “Toilet knee pads to prevent pee from splashing

  1. I said it on Danny Choo’s blog I’ll say it here. Dumbest idea ever. Let’s get our bodies closer to the toilet so when we pee it splashes all over us. If you have a problem that when you pee standing up it goes all over the place then you’re doing something wrong, or very drunk.

  2. I am guessing it helps increase aim, getting closer to the target, but if you cant aim after peeing the same way since you’ve been born, then something is terribly wrong. Go to a doctor and get a cat scan.

  3. Even if I was 3M tall, I would never use that thing. Peeing standing up is one of the few remaining benefits of being a man…..

  4. I don’t think the real point is to avoid splashing, but rather to help stupid guys who can’t aim.

  5. i think it’s for when the pee splashes against the toilet water and getting on your pants. It does happen at least to me, it’s awful when you’re wearing dress pants and they can only be dry cleaned

  6. Whomever cleans, makes the rules.
    At my house I can stand. At my gf house, I sit. It’s not that she ever said anything, I just don’t want to hear her go nuts. Besides, the seat is heated on her fancy toilet.
    Ha! reminds me of the squeal she let out one day when she left the heat off. Good times.