Shiso-flavored Pepsi sounds delicious


The newest Japanese flavor of Pepsi is shiso, or plum leaf. I’m actually willing to bet that it tastes pretty good. If anyone has tried it, please report back.

via Japan Probe

4 thoughts on “Shiso-flavored Pepsi sounds delicious

  1. I’m willing to bet you’ve never tried any of the previous flavored Pepsi abortions. Pepsi couldn’t manage to make delicious fruits like pineapple and cucumber work, what chance do they have with a vile weed like shiso?

  2. Shiso shochu (Tantakatan) is delicious – if they could put that taste in soda form I’d buy a whole case!

  3. I tried it and felt like my insides were being coated with a layer of chemicals. I LOVE the taste of shiso leaves in their natural form, and I am not averse to Pepsi, but this is just nasty. You’ve been warned!