Reader photo: Unique train-riding style


John says:

I took this photo with my iPhone on the Hibiya line in Tokyo. I patted the guy on the back and said Naka-Meguro a few times (the station was coming up) but got absolutely no response.

Photo by John Kostiuk

6 thoughts on “Reader photo: Unique train-riding style

  1. I think these reader photos are problematic in that they are showing people in embarrassing situations and without their consent. Being in a public setting is not an excuse to take pictures and then publish them. Technically the photographer and the publisher could be sued. Are you aware of these things? I have been researching these issues for some time.
    I’d be interested in hearing your take on these ethical and legal issues. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

  2. I agree, it can indeed be problematic cause this photo already makes the rounds in e-mails.
    Just got 3 mails from different people in higher resolution.
    It should be ok if faces are blurred out, blackened or somehow made unrecognizable. Dragonfang18 is right about the legal issues.
    I don’t know why people keep posting “weird” photos of people in embarrassing situations. This is nothing unusual in Japan.

  3. that probably didn’t refer to the drunk guy who’s clearly not recognisable, but to the other three guys. although it’s not them in an embarrassing situation, depicted on the same photo and put online for everyone to see is the issue. that’s why on tv, faces of unrelated people are blurred out.
    a quick glimpse at the camera data (found in above pic) shows me that it was taken on 2009-02-12 at 23:15:59, with aperture f/2.8 on an Apple iPhone, then edited on 2009-02-18 at 10:37:10 on Mac OS X 10.4.9
    so you three guys riding the Hibiya line on that very day – don’t feel intimidated when people stare at you recently. your rise to fame started somewhen between Ebisu (departing 23:58) and the next and final station Naka-Meguro (arriving 00:01) *LOL*
    it might be wise to remove camera data before posting. not that it’s a problem, I’m just saying.

  4. Don’t be sure the drunk guy is not so recognizable. Look at his clothes, his shoes, the people he is with: all things that can possibly identify him. And of course now we have the data from the previous comment. The three other guys might be able to sue as well since they are shown doing nothing to help the drunk guy… Oh so many legal and ethical problems. And where is Tokyo Mango to respond?