Japan’s Miss Universe rep announced (pic & video)


Japan has been kicking butt in the Miss Universe contest for the past couple of years—Riyo Mori won in 2008, Kurara Chibana was the first runner up in 2007. The 2009 candidate has some big shoes to fill. Meet her—she’s Emiri Miyasaka, a 24-year old model from Shibuya. She’ll be traveling to the Bahamas in August to compete against the rest of the countries,

In her finalist video (below), she compares herself to a bowl of natto—sticky and persistent in reaching her goals. Cute!

2 thoughts on “Japan’s Miss Universe rep announced (pic & video)

  1. Miyasaka looks like a friend of mine, except with nicer hair.
    Hopefully she does well. I’m still quite upset that Kurara Chibana did not win that year. In my opinion: Kurara Chibana > Riyo Mori