Fred Schodt wins the Order of the Rising Sun

Picture 1My friend Fred Schodt just won the Japanese government’s Order of the Rising Sun. That’s, like, the second most prestigious honor you can win in Japan, ever. I think it’s like being knighted in the UK. Fred was a longtime friend and interpreter for Tezuka Osamu, and he predicted Japan’s humanoid robot craze and the manga revolution way before anyone else in the books Inside the Robot Kingdom
and Manga! Manga! respectively.

Congrats to Fred! You deserve it.
(Total coincidence, by the way, that the last two posts on this blog just happened to mention him.)

2 thoughts on “Fred Schodt wins the Order of the Rising Sun

  1. Yes, Inside the Robot Kingdom is still the best book on Japanese robots you can buy – or rather, it would be if it wasn’t out of print.
    Congratulations to Fred!