Father killed by abused mother and children

Sad story about a family that felt helpless at the hands of a violent father and ended up as killers. A 57-year old Hiroshima man was killed last Thursday by his wife and children. The mom, who was being violently abused at home, conspired with her 18-year old son and 15-year old daughter to catch their dad offguard and strangle him to death.

A couple of weeks earlier, cops responding to a call came to the house and shook their fingers at the dad, warning him that domestic violence is bad. Then they told the mom that they couldn’t help her unless she filed an official police report. For whatever reason, she never filed the report and took justice into her own hands. The three weren’t charged with murder because the autopsy came back ambiguous.

When questioned, the daughter said: “I feared that my entire family would be killed.” The family also has two smaller kids, who were asleep when the dad died.


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