ANTM finalist is Creepy-chan, a 4chan web meme


If you’ve ever talked television with me, you know that I’m a big fan of America’s Next Top Model. Cycle 12 just ended this week, and one of the finalists was a girl named Allison Harvard. As I do with every ANTM cycle, I googled the contestants—and found out that Allison used to be a web meme on 4chan, the image bulletin board started by my buddy Moot that is notorious for anime porn. Allison used to be known as Creepy-chan, and she posted all these crazy photos of herself looking like a strange bird.

Tyra does not know this (or maybe she does) but this season, thanks to Creepy-chan, her show transcended the closet-girly-girl-guilty-pleasure audience and gave web geeks something to get excited over every week. One more really creepy photo and a photo from ANTM after the jump.



3 thoughts on “ANTM finalist is Creepy-chan, a 4chan web meme

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  2. I’m pretty sure she was quite unaware of her title and popularity on 4chan. I loved Allison for her quirkiness and I rooted for her every step of the way. I was really surprised she made it as far as she did!