Woman falls in hole at golf course and dies

Picture 1Saddest golf story ever. A 38-year old housewife named Takae Gassho was playing golf with her family in Hokkaido when she suddenly fell into a deep hole in the ground and died. The hole was hidden by grass, so there was no way she could have seen it. There was water at the bottom—what police believe to be part of a subterranean melt water path—and by the time rescuers got her our half an hour later, she was dead. She was playing at the Le Petaw golf course in Abira.

3 thoughts on “Woman falls in hole at golf course and dies

  1. You know, golf is a really dangerous sport… I broke my tibia last year while having a great game of golf.
    Reason: Caddy drove the buddy and me into a tree…
    There are more freak accidents in golf than you can ever imagine..