Why was SMAP’s Kusanagi naked in the park?

20090423p2a00m0na013000p_size5A couple days ago, cops found 90s boy band star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi sitting naked on a park bench at 3AM. As he was taken away, the drunken ex-heartthrob allegedly yelled something like: What’s wrong with being naked???

Which not only brings up a valid point, but raises the question of why he was in the nude in the middle of the night by himself in a park. Here are my three best guesses:

1. It was hot. I am not sure what the weather was like that day in Tokyo, but it can get pretty gruesome.
2. Panicked by the lack of recent attention in his drunken stupor, he thought being in his birthday suit might bring back some fans.
3. He has a serious drinking problem.

From what the news reports are saying, it sounds like #3 might be the most realistic answer.

4 thoughts on “Why was SMAP’s Kusanagi naked in the park?

  1. SMAP members aren’t exactly EX heart-throbs. They’re very active, very popular, and very well paid. The much more interesting aspects to this story are how the stock prices of companies he does endorsements for fell the next day (as reported by Bloomberg), how an almost-complete movie due to open next fall will probably never even see the dvd shelves, and how government officials commented on how much press such an incident warrants. But if you just want to pick on the guy, go ahead, I guess – so is the rest of Japan. Hiroki Uchi got his career back after three years – maybe Kusanagi will, too.

  2. very interesting about the stocks. didn’t think it would affect his career that much. since SMAP’s popularity is completely above and beyond what hiroki uchi ever had. plus hiroki uchi was underaged. but then again he also wasn’t naked. and whatever happened to kusano anyways? is he completely gone?
    personally i think they make too much of a big deal. like i can’t believe they johnnys temporarily suspended nishikido ryo’s license for rearending a car.
    asia forgets that celebrities are merely human. ahaha
    thanks for the info jenn, very interesting.