Trains that run dangerously close to humans


I feel really bad for the person in Japan who lives in this house. A reporter from Daily Portal Z took this pic from the train while on a quest to find places where the train runs dangerously close to human habitation.


2 thoughts on “Trains that run dangerously close to humans

  1. I honestly don’t know if I’d qualify that as “dangerously close” – and I’d actually like living in that house 🙂
    If it was dangerously close, you wouldn’t be able to see the railing because it’d be right below the window of the train.

  2. Oh dear. I’m not sure which word I would use first, kowaii, or urusai.
    The only train line I wouldn’t mind living near is in Kyoto. The Keifuku line is old, slow and fun. If nobody is at the platform, the conductor will pass it, unless you ring the buzzer, like on a bus.
    This reminds me of that one track that runs through a building down in Osaka. WTF?! is what ran through my head when I first saw that on a different track. You know, I think I’ll ride that particular train next time just for kicks.