Swimmy’s party for job-hunting investment bankers in Tokyo

N725939467_246My enterprising college sempai Swimmy Minami was on Bloomberg today, in a story about his new high-end online head-hunting firm, BizReach. He had a big party at Heartland in Roppongi where he invited people searching for jobs that pay $100K or more—Heartland was the investment banker hangout back in the heyday before Lehman died. He called it the Pink Slip Party—cute! Swimmy is a great guy—smart (he graduated summa cum laude from Tufts even though every time I saw him he was just screwing around with his friends), motivated, and kind (I ran into him once at Ala Moana Shopping Center in Hawaii, where he was frantically trying to fulfill a two-page illustrated shopping list from his girlfriend). I wish him the best! (Thanks, Yushi!)

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