Shingo Katayama kicking ass in golf tourney

_41539616_shingo_ap416Shingo Katayama and I are not related, but how awesome that someone with the same last name as me is kicking ass at the Masters in Augusta right now? He shot a five-under 67 in the first round today, and is tied for first with American Chad Campbell.

At least, I don’t think we’re related. He’s from Ibaragi, and my family’s from Kyushu. But my dad is a really good golfer, and so obviously is he…hmm, maybe he’s a long lost cousin. I will investigate this and let you know.

One thought on “Shingo Katayama kicking ass in golf tourney

  1. Do you know that it’s not “IBARAGI” but “IBARAKI” ?
    Lots of people or even Ibarakian make a mistake.
    ’cause they do not differ Ibaragi and Ibaraki as the sound. But some people persists Ibara”ki”.