Hotel workers find Marilyn Monroe’s perfume in hidden chest

Nn20090401f1aSome construction workers doing repairs in the basement of the Imperial Hotel found a bottle of Chanel No. 5 that they believe belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Apparnetly it was hidden in a faded cotton pillowcase in the VIP suite where Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had stayed in 1954, a couple weeks after they got married. The pillowcase was inside an old chest that supposedly held lots of items left behind by celebrities, like handkerchiefs with Frank Lloyd Wright’s initials on it (he designed the hotel), Charlie Chaplin’s walking stick, and Douglas MacArthur’s pipe. In-teresting! I wonder whose idea it was to keep them all in a hidden chest, and why it was buried under construction until now.


2 thoughts on “Hotel workers find Marilyn Monroe’s perfume in hidden chest

  1. especially weird since they demolished the entire imperial hotel in the late 60’s and relocated the lobby to the Meiji Mura museum