Greatest living samurai is a TV sensation

My friend Jason just sent me this video of Japan’s greatest modern day samurai. His sword skills are really quite amazing, but it’s a little bit unfortunate that he has nothing better to slice than mushrooms and cucumbers on variety TV shows.

3 thoughts on “Greatest living samurai is a TV sensation

  1. They don’t really show how many tries it took him to hit that BB, though 🙂
    Japanese TV shows (and American ones too) are full of little omissions like that.
    Still really cool, though.

  2. I think it would be considered very shameful for a real samurai to be selling his craft in this manner.
    This reminds me of a MythBusters episode where they were testing ‘ninja skills’ and had a modern-day ‘real ninja’ to perform.
    Yes, the feats were amazing when done properly (things you wouldn’t think possible), but as Jeff notes, it took many failed attempts to get one right.

  3. Questioning the number of attempts it took him to accomplish the challenges, to me, comes off as arrogant. I mean no offense here, but even if it did take him several attempts to pull it off, I don’t think it should diminish that he did do it. Again, please take no offense at my statement.