Donburi Mania, a cookbook for bachelors who love rice bowls


Donburi Mania is a fun Japanese cookbook full of creative recipes for rice bowls. I haven’t tried any yet, but I really want to make a killer oyakodon and I also kinda wanna try the Melty Cheesy Meat Sauce Donburi.

2 thoughts on “Donburi Mania, a cookbook for bachelors who love rice bowls

  1. Oooh…I love donburi. I may need to check this out. My mom used to make a killer oyakodon. If you like donburi I recommend the stalls under the tracks by Shinagawa right next to the 7 ramen shops. There’s a shop there that makes an awesome char grilled chicken oyakodon 🙂
    …though I never understood the Japanese fascination with cheese. Like the trend of putting cheese on curry. Ew…

  2. I’d actually kill for a consistently good gyudon. My only options right now are a lovely little japanese convenience store… about half an hour away… who only have them on weekends… for about an hour (which is not really convenient).
    Or the frozen Ajimoto bowls (at the same store) which are almost all onion.
    I know if I had a Yoshinoya local I’d gain about 100 pounds, but it’s like my craving never gets satiated.