Contest: Become my volleyball team’s official fan!


This season, my rec league volleyball team, Team Lazy, is sponsored by SF t-shirt company PixiMix (you might recognize their art if you were at my book signing at Double Punch last fall). The super talented guys at PixiMix made these amazing Team Lazy t-shirts in cranberry red and brown. Yaaay PixiMix! There’s just one problem: our team needs a dedicated fan.

So here’s the deal: I’m holding a PixiMix/TokyoMango/Team Lazy fan contest. The winner will get to be our team’s official fan—you’ll get a free t-shirt and lots of continuous love from all of us on Team Lazy. All you need to do is show me something that represents how much you want to be our fan–whether it’s a poem, a cheer, face paint, or even better, a YouTube video of you reading a poem or doing a cheer while wearing face paint. Email all entries to mango [at] tokyomango [dot] com with the subject line: Team Lazy Fan Contest. (Please make sure you submit your entry in this format, otherwise it’ll get lost in my inbox.)

Entries due by April 20th.

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